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American youngsters

Grade 5-7–Each of these titles offers a fluid and lively retelling of the basic story, including insight into the broader context of the times, an introduction to the teachings of each figure, and a recounting of the facts that most believers would assent to. In the case of the Buddha, many American youngsters will have little to no background knowledge and thus Gedney's unified retelling provides a sound place to begin. Whiting's job is more difficult: because the Moses story is more familiar, this account may seem more like just another Bible story. Whiting is also less rigorous than Gedney in frequently reminding readers that the incidents related are the testimony of disciples and can't be verified by other sources. Both books feature five short chapters, each of which is followed by a one-page FYInfo essay about related issues. Illustrations are colorful, with captions that add to the text. While neither title is an essential purchase, both are attractive and inviting, with Buddha more likely to fill a need in most libraries than Moses.–Coop Renner, Hillside Elementary, El Paso, TX Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

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